Going forward together...

We’re amidst one of the biggest moments of change for our business generation. While these past few months have been unexpected, we can also all agree that Covid-19 has provided us an opportunity to pause and reflect. An opportunity to change how we do things. An opportunity to do right by our employees, customers, families, and friends. An opportunity to connect with one another in a new way. An opportunity to raise our collective flags as a nod to one another who is simply trying their best right now.

In the coming weeks, we anticipate seeing businesses start to reopen. To support our clients as they launch their go forward plans, we’re tracking trends from your industries and collecting stories of clients that are going above and beyond.


Some states have already started to reopen and in Oregon this could be as soon as May 1st:

In Oregon the following businesses have the option to reopen, if they can meet the state level requirements for health and safety:

0410-medical-prescription_128     1015-healthy-tooth_128     1011-vision-test_128

Non-essential healthcare / Dental / Optometry

Note: You have the option to open, it is not a requirement to open.

Oregon guidelines for Reopening:

  • Develop and implement appropriate policies: social distancing, protective equipment, temperature checks, and sanitation.
  • Monitor workforce for indicative symptoms
  • Contact tracing policies for positives.

What does this mean for you and your business?  What is your moving forward state to re-open, support your employees and serve your clients?


We’ve been truly honored to be part of our clients’ journeys these past couple months. We’ve witnessed incredible moments of solidarity between companies and their employees and their customers.

Every story to come is a moment where someone raised their flag to signal their readiness for change and to believe in partnership. We’ll be sharing these weekly with you over the next several weeks.



If you’re inspired, we ask you to #RaiseOurFlags and join in!

written Apr 27, 2020

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