A Letter to 2020

Dear Year 2020,

We started this year the same as most – with hopeful resolutions, exciting opportunities, a fresh page. We didn’t know on January 1st the chapters we’d be writing in this year’s book. We didn’t know that this year would represent a year of resolving to #stayhomestayhealthy. Or, that this year would be the year that a series of unfortunate events would finally force the people of America to take an honest and painful look at the issue of racial equality.

At Inspired Results, we are committed to fighting against racism and discrimination whenever and however it exists. We will not be silent while the American ideals of Freedom and Equality do not apply to all.

We cherish diversity, inclusion, and racial equity and will stand up for those values when they are threatened.

Our organization is built on a foundation of Partnership and working together to take on the challenges that face our clients, team members, and communities every day. We are built on a foundation of driving change…especially down unpaved trails.

So here we are. Ready to stand up and be counted. And, not just today, tomorrow, or this year – we’ll continue until the work is done, here’s how we will start:

1) We Will Empower Accountability:

We hold ourselves accountable to be an anti-racist organization. We empower every employee in our organization, every client, and every partner we work with to hold us to this promise. As part of that we will be accountable to seek more partnerships in our supply chain with Black & Minority Owned Businesses.

2) We Will Inspire Excellence:

We believe inspiration is the root to new ideas and growth. We promise to inspire our network to look beyond their walls and to opportunities to partner with BIPOC owned businesses.

3) We Will Define Results:

All good campaigns are measurable. We will continue to support the Black Lives Matter initiative until we see the page of history turn and our country and the systems that run it reflect true equality.

This is our pledge. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our black allies starting with a donation today to the Black Lives Matter Foundation. We know this is a drop in the hat to the work that needs to be done, but it marks our commitment to join the movement and see the journey through.

Amy Tiller + Phil Odella

written Jun 15, 2020

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